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    When it comes to cleaning your precious and often valuable oriental rugs, you don’t want to trust just anybody in the Coachella Valley and Inland Empire. The delicate natural fibers that make up oriental rugs require special care and techniques to avoid potential problems.  It is always recommended for fine area rugs to be washed in our plant and not on location. 

    At The Rug Salon by Spot Out, our 8 step in plant cleaning process will gently but thoroughly clean your area rug. We will restore your rug back to that clean, fresh like new feeling. 
 The Rug Salon by Spot Out has the training, the tools and the expertise to clean your rugs safely and thoroughly!  We are the only Master Rug Cleaner in the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley. The Master Rug Cleaner Certification is the Gold Standard for rug cleaning certification in our industry.  Visit their website to learn more at http://www.masterrugcleaner.net/.


    We clean rugs the way they’ve been cleaned for centuries. In the Middle East and Asia, it’s common to see people standing in a river hand scrubbing wool rugs. The constant flowing, cool and clear water is unmatched in it’s ability to remove soil. Our process mimics this technique, only in a controlled environment.

    Our cleaning process includes the following steps:

1. PRE-INSPECTION – This is the most important step in the cleaning process. By carefully inspecting the rug condition, construction materials and dye stability, we can determine the best procedure to clean it safely.

2. DRY DUSTING – An area rug can hold 5-15 extra pounds of dust and dirt! This is why you cannot effectively clean an area rug in the home. The rug is placed on a special perforated floor and a mechanical agitator gently shakes the dry soil from the fibers.

3. CLEANING – A cleaning solution is then applied to the rug. Which solution we use is determined by the construction material of the rug. The solution is then agitated into the rug gently lifting soils, odors and stains from the fibers.

4. RINSING – The rinse process is crucial. We run cool, clear water through the surface and back of the rug until it is clear. This ensures that there is no soapy residue remaining and that your rug is clean and ready to be used and admired!

5. EXTRACTION – We use a special tool to extract as much water as possible from the area rug.  This is a vital step in order to ensure the rug will dry quickly.  Leaving too much water in the rug will lead to mold and dry rot.

6. DETAILING – Fringes and other detail areas are then cleaned using proper solutions and techniques.

7. DRYING – Depending on the rug type, the rug is laid flat or hung up to dry in our controlled drying environment. This ensures a rapid dry time eliminating problems with prolonged moisture.

8. FINISHING – Once the rug is dry, we do any finishing necessary, wrap and tag it, and it’s ready to return to your home or business!

    From inexpensive throw rugs to fine rugs that are family heirlooms , you can trust The Rug Salon by Spot Out for all of your area rug cleaning.  Visit our new website for more information www.therugsalon.com.

    We service the following areas: Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta and the Inland Empire.  We have two locations to serve you in Palm Desert and Redlands.

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